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Our Mission

To promote healthy minds and bodies for those we serve while supporting each family through a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that is child or young adult-centered, family involved, and home-based. To promote that personal friendship should not be just a concept but also a reality for all children and young adults. To assist each person served to access their community and to enjoy their right to full community inclusion.

Our Program

The Addison Point Agency provides Section 28 services to children and young adults following the protocols set up within the Department of Children's Behavioral Health Services.  Before beginning services, each child or young adult served undergoes an assessment developed by DHHS for use by all agencies providing Section 28 services.  Each completed assessment is then used to develop an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) that is monitored for efficacy on a quarterly basis and fully reviewed bi-annually.  Issues addressed include but are not limited to: life goals, relationships, home living, community inclusion, health and safety, behavioral needs, social skills, and protection and advocacy.

All staff are certified Behavioral Health Professionals (BHP). The agency uses positive behavioral supports and an evidence based approach.  Research regarding best practices is conducted by the Program Director whose clinical knowledge is continually educated by current research included within the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, discussions with colleagues, and by reading current literature focused on treating persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities combined with current strategies in alternative and augmentative communication. Goals and objectives are developed that will assist in increasing the child or young adult's skills and level of functioning, therefore decreasing maladaptive behaviors displayed by the child or young adult. Parents or caregivers are considered an integral component of these services. Each BHP works closely with parents to ensure each objective is successfully implemented to help the child or young adult meet their specified goals.  Natural supports are identified and parents are encouraged to utilize these supports so that families as well as the child or young adult served will eventually become autonomous, no longer needing Section 28 services.

All treatment is strength-based and delivered in a respectful manner. A holistic method of treatment is used, including the whole child or young adult which addresses their body, mind, and spirit. Our goal is to assist each individual to reach their fullest potential. Our means of reaching that goal is to provide programs that are stimulating, challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Admission Process

If a family has a case manager, the family will request that the case manager make a referral to DHHS Central Enrollment for services.  If the family specifically requests the Addison Point Agency, the referral will come directly to this agency. However, if the family prefers, the request may be placed in general enrollment and any qualified agency may offer this service to the child or young adult. A family who does not have a case manager may call the Addison Point Agency directly and we will complete the necessary paperwork for DHHS enrollment, listing the Addison Point Agency as the preferred agency.

Current Admission Criteria:

Additional Reasons for Referral:

Funding for this program is through MaineCare

I am extremely impressed with the supervisory staff and their commitment to providing the highest quality of service to the clients you serve. There is no question that Addison Point is the best Section 28 agency in the Southern Aroostook area." ~ Other Provider

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