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Case Management Services

The Addison Point Agency provides Adult Community Case Management services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Case management services work with individuals to foster empowerment and build supportive relationships to achieve the highest quality of life possible. The Case Manager works closely with individuals and their team to develop a Person Centered Plan which reflects goals, needs and desires and assists in providing resources needed to reach personal accomplishments. Our Case Managers are strong advocates for the individuals they serve.

The Addison Point Agency also provides Representative Payee services (see below) at no charge to the individual.

Adult Community Case Management Services are provided to the following counties:

Current Referral Criteria

  1. Individual must be at least 18 years of age
  2. There must be a diagnosis of  Intellectual and Developmental Disability (MR)  and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger's Syndrome
  3. The individual must reside within the Agency's coverage area
  4. The individual must be enrolled in MaineCare

Funding for this program is through MaineCare

Representative Payee Services

The Addison Point Agency provides Representative Payee services, at no charge, for individuals as an added service for individuals receiving Case Management Services through our Agency.

Your Case Manager will work with you to help set the services up with the Social Security Office. Once we become your authorized Social Security Representative Payee, the Social Security Administration will send your benefits to us to be managed on your behalf. Your Social Security benefit(s) will be used to address financial needs in the following order:

  1. Basic needs (i.e. food, essential clothing and shelter)
  2. Medical and dental needs not covered by MaineCare (i.e. deductibles, etc.)
  3. Personal needs such as extra clothing, recreation etc.

Note: Payments are limited to available funds. Any remaining monies will be deposited in an interest bearing account.

Your Case Manager can assist you and your team in deciding if Representative Payee Services is right for you.

I am extremely impressed with the supervisory staff and their commitment to providing the highest quality of service to the clients you serve. There is no question that Addison Point is the best Section 28 agency in the Southern Aroostook area." ~ Other Provider

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