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Adult Services

The Addison Point Agency provides individualized support services to adult learners based on their strengths, needs and desires. The goal of each service plan is to increase or maintain a person’s ability to successfully engage in social relationships and build opportunities for community inclusion. We assist individuals to gain socially relevant adaptive behavior. To assist individuals in achieving their personal goals, we offer the following systems of supports:

Instruction is provided in a respectful manner by fully trained and Maine State certified Direct Service Providers (DSP). In addition to being strength-based, each program utilizes a common sense approach based on current “best practices” found within professional literature. Our goal is to assist each individual to reach their fullest potential and personal dreams. Our method is to provide individualized programs that are stimulating, challenging, fun and rewarding.

Person-Centered Planning

As part of your program you will receive Person Centered Planning (PCP) services from our certified Planning Facilitators. A Person-Centered Plan is a plan created by the consumer, their family and friends to:

Person Centered Planning plays a vital role in developing individualized programs. It is an empowering process which focuses on your needs, strengths and interests. It keeps you in charge of your own life. This leads to greater inclusion as valued members of the community. It is important to note that Person Centered Planning does not happen in a single meeting. It is an ongoing, team process, designed to help you envision a personal future for yourself, and to outline the steps and support needed to reach your goals. Person Centered Planning involves the development of an Individualized Habilitation Plan. This plan identifies methods and resources which assist you on your path to success.

Community Inclusion

All individuals are offered opportunities for community inclusion. Individuals and their teams will work to develop a support plan that builds on individual strengths. Through this program component, individuals are able to apply their social, interpersonal and safety skills in a variety of community settings that include, but are not limited to local shops, banks, restaurants, beaches, hiking trails, concerts, plays, and other local offerings. In order to reach and sustain their full potential, an individual needs to enjoy the culture, music and art of their locality.

Additional Support

Speech/Language, Occupational, Nutritional, Psychological and Physical

Frequently, individuals require additional supports with language skills, gross and fine motor skills, sensory integration skills, nutritional, and/or psychological needs. Addison Point can assist in obtaining professional evaluations and consultations identified in the Person Centered Plan.  Consultations are generally scheduled off-site and when appropriate, the professional consulted will provide a written program to follow which becomes a part of the individual's daily program.

Community Employment Opportunities

Our off-site community employment program is provided for individuals who may not be ready or interested in full time or even part time employment but who would enjoy the opportunity to work a few hours each week. The program teaches work place values and employer expectations. Support is provided by trained and/or certified employment specialists. All aspects of workplace behavior are taught via hands-on training, observation, and modeling. The individual is afforded the opportunity to engage in real work at a real wage thereby boosting self-esteem, increasing community inclusion, and becoming a contributing member of their community's workforce. Individuals may also choose to engage in community volunteer work if scheduled work is not deemed appropriate or desired.

Adult Services are provided through MaineCare Section 21 and 29. Work support is provided in conjunction with Voc. Rehab. 

I am extremely impressed with the supervisory staff and their commitment to providing the highest quality of service to the clients you serve. There is no question that Addison Point is the best Section 28 agency in the Southern Aroostook area." ~ Other Provider

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