Addison Point Agency of Maine

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Addison Office

Tel: 207-483-6500
  or 207-483-6005

Fax: 207-483-2817

312 Water Street
PO Box 207
Addison, ME 04606

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Houlton Office

Tel: 207-532-7500

Fax: 207-532-9100

98 Bangor Road
PO Box 556
Houlton, ME 04730

Office Email:

Waterville Office

Tel: 207-861-7000
  or 207-861-7020

Fax: 207-861-7037

45 Silver St

Waterville, ME 04903

Office Email:

All staff are kind and caring toward (person served)." ~ Parent or Guardian

Addison Point Agency
Offices in Addison, Houlton, and Waterville, Maine
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