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The Addison Point Agency is a non-profit organization that concerns itself with the welfare of individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders or other related considerations. Services are provided from age 3 through old age. Persons served may require limited through pervasive support systems.

We work to assist the initiation and implementation of programs on their behalf. To advise and support not only these individuals but their parents, family members, and other care providers in formulating a solution to any barriers to full community inclusion and the development of a least restrictive lifestyle by assisting efforts to insure a better public awareness of these barriers through cooperation with other public and private agencies and professional groups.

To serve as a local information resource on subjects pertaining to the needs of those we serve and other agencies providing similar supports and services.

Associate with and support state and national associations such as the American Association on Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Society or the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf/Blind Adults to help promote the common cause.

Remain Person Centered; insuring that people served by our agency enjoy the opportunity of choice in the development of their service plan. Insure that all individuals receive consideration without discrimination due to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or veteran's status. To stop oppression at all levels for all persons.


The Addison Point Agency finds its beginnings in Walpole, Massachusetts, in 1979, where Paul and Paula Chartrand opened their private residence to 3 individuals with cognitive disorders to live in and be a part of their family and the community.  At this period in time, many individuals who were diagnosed with cognitive and intellectual disorders were confined to living in institutions and had very little contact with the communities where the facilities were located.  The Chartrand's recognized that this isolation was discriminatory and unethical, and began to advocate for a more inclusive lifestyle which promoted dignity, respect, choice, and quality.

In 1984 the Chartrand's moved to Maine and opened the Rocky Goose Homestead (yes, there were geese), an adult residential home in Addison, Maine.  Nineteen eighty eight saw the foundation of Addison Point Specialized Services, Inc., a non-profit agency consisting of 4 residential homes in Addison, as well as an adult learning facility, also located in Addison.  The various residential homes provided a strong community presence for the residents, as well as offering the local neighborhoods diversity, friendship, and a greater sense of community.  In 2000, the Addison Point Agency began serving children for the first time, offering in- home and community support.  The agency continues to expand its mission of offering habilitation and support for individuals with mental and cognitive disabilities while promoting inclusion on all levels by opening satellite offices in Houlton and Waterville, and by developing advocacy and social development programs.


I’m very pleased with the services you all provide for my son. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to your agency. Thank you all very much for everything." ~ Parent or Guardian

All staff are kind and caring toward (person served)." ~ Parent or Guardian

I am extremely impressed with the supervisory staff and their commitment to providing the highest quality of service to the clients you serve. There is no question that Addison Point is the best Section 28 agency in the Southern Aroostook area." ~ Other Provider

Without Addison Point’s Section 28 services in our community, it would be a struggle to have good quality Section 28 services. Thank you!" ~ Other Provider

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